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Young Legends Ball Hockey Launches Premiere Ball Hockey Rink in Gloucester, MA

YLBH leads the charge in developing a state-of-the-art ball hockey rink for all individuals, regardless of age

Fosters a safe and affordable environment and addresses the unmet need for outdoor ball hockey facilities across the North Shore

Official opening ceremony to take place on Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 10am ET near Stage Fort Park

GLOUCESTER MA, April 6, 2023 – Young Legends Ball Hockey (YLBH), a leading ball hockey organization focused on the development of all individuals’ skills both on and off the rink, today announced the launch of its first premiere ball hockey rink in Gloucester, MA. Nearly twenty years ago, YLBH was founded and formerly known as Young Legends Street Hockey. The program’s players began playing on a rundown basketball court, where the idea of a rink was only just a vision. Now, at a critical juncture for the program as it takes a significant leap in growing the game of ball hockey, YLBH has crafted a pristine state-of-theart 160x80 foot regulation sized ball hockey rink to provide an opportunity for players to learn the game of ball hockey, increase their skillset, and refine their ball hockey skills.

In addition, the rink offers a safe and affordable environment that addresses an unmet need for outdoor ball hockey across the North Shore and specifically Cape Ann. YLBH’s goal is to bring ball hockey to the next level that fully encompasses a place to play for all, regardless of age.

"This is the beginning of our growth and long-term development strategy as we continue to bring the game of ball hockey to the next level across the North Shore," said Carl Ellis IV, President and Founder of Young Legends Ball Hockey. "Our vision encompasses our passion and commitment to develop our players on and off the rink, with key life lessons at the forefront of the game. We are incredibly grateful to our donors, parents, players, and community for the investment of their time and guidance in bringing this rink to a reality."

"The Boston Bruins Foundation is proud to partner with the Young Legends Street Hockey League to bring this state of the art rink to the community of Gloucester," said Bob Sweeney, President of the Bruins Foundation. "Our goal is to grow the game of hockey and make it as accessible as possible to everyone. We look forward to seeing kids across the Cape Ann area utilize this magnificent facility."

YLBH personally raised a significant amount of capital through pivotal private donors, in the amount of approximately $380,000 dollars, in addition to the receipt of some state and city funding in the amount of $150,000 dollars. With additional funding needed, YLBH hopes to continue to improve the rink with the addition of lights for night games, bleachers for spectators, and a premium scoreboard to drive friendly competition.

Key Upcoming Events
  • The rink will officially launch on Saturday, April 22, 2023; ceremony to take place near Stage Fort Park in Gloucester at 10am ET; general public are invited and welcome to attend.
  • YLBH plans to launch an entirely new program, focused on including kids, young adults, and adults in the coming weeks.
    • The new program includes a series of teams, and offers the opportunity for organized skills sessions, practices, and tournaments.
      • Sign-ups are currently underway for the 2023 Spring and Summer sessions.

Additional details on the league and current offerings can be accessed on the Young Legends Ball Hockey website at

About Young Legends Ball Hockey

Founded in 2004, Young Legends Ball Hockey formerly known as Young Legends Street Hockey, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to creating a fun and competitive atmosphere that improves a ball hockey player’s athletic ability and self-esteem. Young Legends Ball Hockey strives to improve a player's potential both on and off the rink through the education of our players, their action and respect for others and adhering to sportsmanship whether they win or lose. The organization’s core values are centered on excellence, passion, pride, development, discipline, commitment, and leadership, all of which are embedded into the program on and off the rink.

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Candice Ellis Masse, 978-879-7273
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